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Gay Rights and Kids

The right for gay couples to legally adopt their own children is a debate that continues to rage on. Similar to gay marriage, gay couples adopting kids is a polarising subject. This should not be the case, however. Old norms and societal views are what keeps these loving parents from raising a child of their own. Stubborn people who are set in their ways tend to overlook the fact that what counts is that the child receives love and support. There are plenty of children who do not get this support, and they come from straight couples. Here are some aspects of the issue that must be considered.

Perhaps the most important issue at hand is that gay parents can perform the same level of parenting as straight parents. A common argument is that kids who grow up without a standard father or mother are more likely to grow up with hardships. Truthfully, this occurs more so in families with single parents. Gay couples have the ability to provide the same nurturing care as straight couples. There is nothing abnormal in the way that they raise their kids throughout life. Studies show that kids who grow up in this type of household are highly successful.

One of the biggest challenges in regard to gay parents adopting kids, is school life. Kids of gay parents do face major hurdles in school, but this happens more often during the preteen years. Older high school aged kids are much more accepting of the situation because they are mature enough to handle it. However, some of the issues do not stay in school. Other parents might take exception to gay parents, and this can cause friction within a school community. If this ever happens to you, it is best to take the high road, and to be the bigger person.

As kids grow up, they begin to ask more questions. They might wonder why other kids have a mother and a father figure. The key here is to be completely honest with them from an early age. This will allow them to trust you more as time goes on. When you are open and honest it prevents confusion from taking place within the family. A child should be proud to have gay parents. Friends will undoubtedly ask questions, but most of them are definitely accepting over time. Education of the child and his or her friends makes a world of difference.

When times are tough, and raising a child as a gay couple becomes an issue, it is a good idea to seek the advice of a support group. Support groups offer advice, and they provide a forum for like-minded people to voice their concerns with one another. Some gay couples who have kids go to thrse groups to seek advice because they empower them. It helps to hear about the struggles of others like you, and the ways in which they overcame them. Everyone has the right to raise a child the right way.

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